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Jacki Krahmalov

Jacki Krahmalov

Jacki Krahmalov

Jacki Krahmalov

Jacki Krahmalov has a natural ability to make the viewer feel like she’s their friend. They trust her suggestions and recommendations and most importantly they ‘call now’. Jacki’s warmth and gentle persuasiveness is a proven winner in generating sales.

Letters sent to clients from customers confirm this: “we have switched to Optus as a result of your offer by Jacki”; “we didn’t understand all the choices until Jacki explained them”; “we’re really happy with our purchase – thanks to the ad we saw on the Kerri-Anne Show”.

Jacki is a regular presenter on Ch 9 “Mornings with Kerri-Anne” and Ch10 “The David & Kim Show” (and previously “Good Morning Australia”), as well as fronting several “SmartBuys” commercials.

Jacki is also highly sought after for Corporate DVD presentations – most recently shooting a 12 minute promotional DVD for the Hornsby Chamber of Commerce, and has hosted several Lions Club fundraisers.

You won’t be disappointed – when Jacki presents, viewers respond. One client laughingly ‘complained’ of ‘call-centre meltdown’ after one of Jacki’s advertorials went to air! If you’re seriously wanting to generate sales, Jacki is an proven winner.

Travels from Sydney.

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